Our Commitment to Quality

Historic Restoration

Historic Restoration

We are responsive to our customers.  A live person will answer our phone and if that person can’t solve your problem then they will find the answer and get right back to you, you won’t be shuffled from employee to employee.  No complicated phone menus, no voice mail.

Your time is as important as our own.  We will schedule appointments at your convenience—nights or weekends if necessary.  If we are going to be late we will call as soon as we know there is a problem.

We have nothing to hide.  We will be happy to show you what we are working on and why.  If it’s in an area you can’t easily access we will take photographs or make a video tape.

We understand that we are guests in your home or office.  We will dress, speak and act professionally at all times.

We are the experienced professionals.  When we give you an estimate we will not change that price after the job is complete because of some ‘unexpected’ condition.  In the estimate we will explain the possible problems that may be encountered and will show you the conditions if we find them.

Our installers are certified by CertainTeed Corporation and are trained to a higher standard of workmanship through their Master Shingle Application program.  Through this program you are guaranteed a  unified workforce of  credentialed installers following a written guideline of best practises and safety procedures.